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Looking for Guest Bloggers

I am continually amazed at the breadth of CGP alumni creativity, skill, vision and professional contributions. We can hear of some of this excellence in conference presentations, published books, articles and social media postings. It would be wonderful to read your thoughts and experiences here in our CGA Blog.

What cool event or program, what burning professional question, what ah-hah moment might you briefly share? How did you and your organization raise that pile of money or welcome in more diverse board members, staff or audiences? What photo can give us a glimpse of a terrific exhibit of interpretive program? How is it going among our recent grads?

Please send me an e-mail about a possible submission to our CGA Blog. I suggest, too, that it doesn’t have to be only about museums, historic houses or historic sites. We have very talented alumni working in other sectors of education, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Those insights are valuable to us all.

Let’s chat and make the Blog a shared salon of alumni conversation.

Katie Boardman ‘82

CGA President

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