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CGP Reception at AASLH

Updated: May 1, 2019

A CGP reception was hosted by Cassie Pikarsky ‘ll and Amy McKune ’87 at AASLH in Kansas City, MO. Cassie said, "It was a really wonderful time and very exciting to welcome everyone to our great city." A number of people attended, including:

  • Kristie Dobbins '01, Project Curator and Grant Consultant, Territorial Capitol Museum (Kansas)

  • David Kreidler '09, Exhibit Curator, Harley-Davidson Museum (Wisconsin) + colleague

  • Steve Light '08, Manager of House Tours, Monticello (Virginia)

  • Erik Mason,Curator of History, Longmont Museum (Colorado)

  • Amy McKune '87, Curator of Collections, The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures (Missouri)

  • Kelsey Mullen '11, Public Programs Manager, Newport Restoration Foundation

  • (Rhode Island)

  • Carl Nold '78 President and CEO, Historic New England (Massachusetts) + partner Vicky Kruckeberg

  • Christian Overland '93, Ruth and Hartley Barker Director, Wisconsin Historical Society (Wisconsin)

  • Cassie Pikarsky '11, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Truman Library Institute (Missouri)

  • Erin Richardson '01, Erin Richardson Consulting (New York)

  • Alan Rowe '08, Coordinator, Local History Partners, Indiana Historical Society (Indiana)

  • Stephanie Rowe '08, Executive Director, National Council on Public History (Indiana)

  • Emily Voss '09, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Virginia Civics Education, Inc. (Virginia)

  • William Walker, Professor, CGP (New York)

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