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Alumni Spotlight: Rosa Gallagher at Green Star Movement

This week, Rosa Gallagher '18 began her new position at Green Star Movement in Chicago as a Marketing and Development Associate after working there for six months as an intern and then part-time Teaching Artist.

The Green Star Movement is a small arts nonprofit that has installed original tile mosaic murals in over 140 schools and public spaces in Chicago. Their mission is to inspire students and community members through the creation of public art, and their tagline is "changing the urban canvas." They were founded in 2005 to fill a need for arts education because in a lot of Chicago schools, there's little funding for art classes. Green Star Movement is a small, mission-driven organization where everyone involved really "wears many hats," as it were.

Before transitioning to her full-time marketing and development duties, Rosa will be finishing up 5 mosaic mural projects with kids 4th-12th grade. Once settled into her new position, she will be coordinating corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations for the annual gala and expanding partnerships for Green Star's "Make A Mosaic" pop-up classes across the city. For this job she also uses her skills in education and community building, as they install the murals with the help of students and residents who usually have no prior experience with the medium. Rosa is happy to say that she is putting so many CGP skills to use––leading groups of kids, project management, art appreciation, special event planning, design, writing, and community building. She also says that this new set of responsibilities is exactly what she was hoping for when she got involved with GSM! Congratulations Rosa!

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